Hi, my name is Jiali, you can also call me Kelly.

I'm a design in Rotterdam. I'm studying spatial design at Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam.

Besides my study I'm also a freelancer. I have my own company named JLproductionz.

My first realistic project was the TVO project at school. We had to design a pergola and matching furniture for the elders.

And there we're also a lot requirements in this project. I was really happy when I heard my design was chosen by the TVO.

Also during my internship at PITCHKOFF I learned a lot. I've improved my skills for the program Cinema4D, and also for the Adobe softwares.


Besides these I also love to draw, playing piano and discover new places in the Netherlands.
I'm always searching for interesting projects and new challenges. I want improve myself to became a better me.








All these projects are made for PITCHKOFF.

For more information please let me know!

My E-mail : jialyma@hotmail.com












If you are interested in my design or you have a awesome idea to work out.

Feel free to contact me!





Please sent a mail to jialyma@hotmail.com




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